Bajos Fondos (Underbelly)


Australia | 2008 | Nota: 8.3/10

1x01 Pilot
1x03 I Still Pray
1x04 Cocksure
1x05 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
1x06 Luv U 4
1x07 Wise Monkeys
1x08 Earning A Crust
1x09 Suffer the Children
1x10 Scratched
1x11 Barbarians at the Gate
1x12 Best Laid Plans
1x13 Team Purana
2x01 Aussie Bob & Kiwi Terry
2x02 Bad Habits
2x03 Brave New World
2x04 Business as Usual
2x05 A Tale of Two Hitmen
2x06 Stranded
2x07 A Nice Little Earner
2x08 Diamonds
2x09 Judas Kiss
2x10 The Reckoning
2x11 The Brotherhood
2x12 Oh Lucky Man
2x13 The Loved Ones
3x01 Into the Mystic
3x02 The Crucible
3x03 Kingdom Come
3x04 Fall Guy
3x05 Saving Face
3x06 Women in Uniform
3x07 Full Force Gale
3x08 Crossroads
3x09 Dog Eat Dog
3x10 Hurt on Duty
3x11 Beauty and the Beast
3x12 The Good Lieutenant
3x13 Alpha and Omega
4x01 The Worst Woman in Sydney
4x02 Whips and Scorpions
4x03 Cat Amongst the Pigeons
4x04 The Damage Done
4x05 The Darlinghurst Outrage
4x06 Blood Alley
4x07 Tripe and Brains
4x08 A Big Shivoo
4x09 The Crash
4x10 The Sentimental Bloke
4x11 Jerusalem Revisited
4x12 Big Moves
4x13 Armageddon


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Reparto: Caroline Craig, Marcus Shultz, Paul Tassone, Daniel Roberts

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