Make It or Break It (TV Series) (2009-2012)

Make It or Break It

Estados Unidos | 2009 | Nota: 7.5/10

1x01 Pilot
1x03 Blowing Off Steam
1x04 Sunday, Bloody Sasha, Sunday
1x05 Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel
1x06 Between a Rock and a Hard Place
1x07 Run, Emily, Run
1x10 All That Glitters
1x11 The Eleventh Hour
1x12 Follow The Leader
1x13 Californica Girls
1x14 Are We Having Fun Yet?
1x15 Loves Me, Loves Me Not
1x16 Save The Last Dance
1x17 Hope And Faith
1x18 The Great Wall
1x19 The Only Thing We Have To Fear
1x20 Are We Family?
2x01 Friends Close, Enemies
2x02 All Or Nothing
2x03 Battle of the Flexes
2x04 And The Rocky Goes
2x06 Party Gone Out of Bounds
2x07 What Are You Made Of
2x08 Rock Bottom
2x09 If Only...
2x10 At the Edge of the Worlds
2x11 The New Normal
2x12 Free People
2x13 The Buddy System
2x14 Life or Death
2x15 Hungary Heart
2x16 Requiem for a Dream
2x17 To Thine Own Self Be True
2x18 Dog Eat Dog
2x19 What Lies Beneath, Worlds Apart (capítulo doble)
2x20 Capítulo 20
3x01 Smells Like Winner
3x02 It Takes Two
3x03 Time Is of the Essence
3x04 Growing Pains
3x05 Dream On
3x06 Listen to the Universe
3x07 Truth Be Told
3x08 United Stakes



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Reparto: Ayla Kell, Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo, Candace Cameron Bure, Peri Gilpin, Chelsea Hobbs, Susan Ward, Neil Jackson, Anthony Starke, Zachary Abel, Rosa Blasi, Johnny Pacar, Jason Manuel Olazabal

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