El virginiano (Los hombres de Shiloh) (1962-1971)

El virginiano

Estados Unidos | 1962 | Nota: 7.7/10

1x01 The Executioners
1x02 Woman from White Wing
1x03 Throw a Long Rope
1x04 The Big Deal
1x05 The Brazen Bell
1x06 Big Day, Great Day
1x07 Riff-Raff
1x08 Impasse
1x09 It Tolls for Thee
1x10 West
1x12 50 Days to Moose Jaw
1x13 The Accomplice
1x14 The Man from the Sea
1x15 Duel at Shiloh
1x16 The Exiles
1x17 The Judgment
1x18 Say Goodbye to All That
1x20 If You Have Tears
1x21 The Small Parade
1x22 Vengeance Is the Spur
1x23 The Money Cage
1x24 The Golden Door
1x25 A Distant Fury
1x26 Echo of Another Day
1x27 Strangers at Sundown
1x28 The Mountain of the Sun
1x29 Run Away Home
1x30 The Final Hour
2x01 Ride a Dark Trail
2x02 To Make This Place Remember
2x03 No Tears for Savannah
2x04 A Killer in Town
2x05 The Evil That Men Do
2x06 It Takes a Big Man
2x07 Brother Thaddeus
2x08 A Portrait of Marie Valonne
2x09 Run Quiet
2x10 Stopover in a Western Town



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Reparto: James Drury, Doug McClure, Lee J. Cobb, Sara Lane, Clu Gulager

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