Belfy y Lillibit

Belfy y Lillibit

Japón | 1980

1x02 Doctor Snoozabit
1x03 The Old Mill Stream
1x04 The Rainbow Firefly
1x05 Election Day
1x06 Scarybit the Witch
1x07 Winter Strawberries
1x08 The Snow Woman
1x09 Save the Raccoon!
1x10 Madame Bella the Weaver
1x11 The Baby Bears
1x12 Looking at the Stars
1x13 Poor Old Helpabit
1x14 Storm Baby
1x15 The Mystical Monument
1x16 Help the Squirrel
1x17 The Legend of Red Light
1x18 The Cowardly Colt
1x19 The Strange Egg
1x22 The Red Rainbow
1x23 Earthquake!
1x24 Forget-Me-Nots
1x25 The Wanderbits
1x26 Awful, Awful Days


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Reparto: Yôko Asagami, Sachiko Chijimatsu, Kaneta Kimotsuki, Toshiko Maeda, Tsuneko Shitomi, Mayumi Tanaka

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