The Glee project

The Glee Project

Estados Unidos | 2011

1x00 - Auditions Top 12
1x01 Pilot
1x02 Theatricality
1x03 Vulnerability
1x04 Dance Ability
1x05 Pair Ability
1x06 Tenacity
1x07 Sexuality
1x08 Believability
1x09 Generosity
1x10 Likeability
2x00 Casting Special: The Final 14
2x01 Individuality 2
2x02 Danceability
2x03 Vulnerability 2
2x04 Sexuality
2x05 Adaptability
2x06 Fearlessness
2x07 Theatricality 2
2x08 Tenacity 2
2x09 Romanticality
2x10 Actability
2x11 Glee-ality 2


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