Doctor Who (1963-1989)

Doctor Who (1963-1989)

Reino Unido | 1963

1x01 An Unearthly Child 1
1x01 An Unearthly Child_An Unearthly Child
1x02 An Unearthly Child 2
1x02 An Unearthly Child_The Cave of Skulls
1x03 An Unearthly Child_The Forest of Fear
1x03 An Unearthly Child 3
1x04 An Unearthly Child 4
1x04 An Unearthly Child_The Firemaker
1x05 The Daleks 1
1x05 The Daleks_Dead Planet
1x06 The Daleks 2
1x06 The Daleks_The Survivors
1x07 The Daleks 3
1x07 The Daleks_The Scape
1x08 The Daleks 4
1x08 The Daleks_The Ambush
1x09 The Daleks 5
1x09 The Daleks_The Expedition
1x10 The Daleks 6
1x10 The Daleks_The Ordeal
1x11 The Daleks 7
1x11 The Daleks_The Rescue
1x12 The Edge of Destruction_Edge of Destruction
1x12 The Edge Of Destruction 1
1x13 The Edge of Destruction_The Brink of Disaster
1x13 The Edge Of Destruction 2
1x14 Marco Polo
1x14 Marco Polo
1x15 Keys of Marinus 1
1x15 The Keys of Marinus_The Sea of Death
1x16 Keys of Marinus 2
1x16 The Keys of Marinus_The Velvet Web
1x17 The Keys of Marinus_The Screaming Jungle
1x17 Keys of Marinus 3
1x18 Keys of Marinus 4
1x18 The Keys of Marinus_The Snows of Terror
1x19 Keys of Marinus 5
1x19 The Keys of Marinus_Sentence of Death
1x20 Keys of Marinus 6
1x20 The Keys of Marinus_The Keys of Marinus
1x21 The Aztecs_The Temple of Evil
1x21 The Aztecs 1
1x22 The Aztecs_The Warriors of Death
1x22 The Aztecs 2
1x23 The Aztecs 3
1x23 The Aztecs_The Bride of Sacrifice
1x24 The Aztecs 4
1x24 The Aztecs_The Day of Darkness
1x25 The Sensorites 1
1x25 The Sensorites_Strangers in space
1x26 The Sensorites_The Unwilling Warriors
1x26 The Sensorites 2
1x27 The Sensorites 3
1x27 The Sensorites_Hidden Danger
1x28 The Sensorites 4
1x28 The Sensorites_A Race Against Death
1x29 The Sensorites 5
1x29 The Sensorites_Kidnap
1x30 The Sensorites 6
1x30 The Sensorites_A Desperate Venture
1x31 The Reign of Terror_A Land Of Fear
1x31 The Reingn of Terror 1
1x32 The Reingn of Terror 2
1x32 The Reign of Terror_Guests Of Madame Guillotine
1x33 The Reingn of Terror 3
1x33 The Reign of Terror_A Change Of Identity
1x34 The Reingn of Terror 4
1x34 The Reign of Terror_The Tyrant Of France
1x35 The Reign of Terror_A Bargain Of Necessity
1x35 The Reingn of Terror 5
1x36 The Reingn of Terror 6
1x36 The Reign of Terror_Prisoners Of Conciergerie
1x37 Planet Of Giants_Planets Of Giantes
1x39 The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The Daleks
1x40 The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Day of reckoning
1x41 The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The end of tomorrow
1x42 The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The walking ally
1x43 The Dalek Invasion of Earth: Flashpoint
1x44 The Rescue: The Powerful Enemy
1x45 The Rescue: Desperate Measures
1x46 The Romans: The slave
1x47 The Romans: All roads lead to Rome
1x48 The Romans: Conspiracy
1x49 The Romans: Inferno
1x50 The web planet: The web planet
1x51 The web planet: The Zarbi
1x52 The web planet: Escape to danger
1x53 The web planet: Crater of needles
1x54 The web planet: Invasion
1x55 The web planet: The centre
1x56 The Crusade_The Lion
1x57 The Crusade_The Knight Of Jaffa
1x58 The Crusade_The Wheel Of Fortune
1x59 The Crusade_The War Lords
2x01 Planet of giants 1
2x02 The Dalek Invasion of Earth 1
2x03 The Dalek Invasion of Earth 2
2x04 The Dalek Invasion of Earth 3
2x05 The Dalek Invasion of Earth 4
2x06 The Dalek Invasion of Earth 5
2x07 The Dalek Invasion of Earth 6
2x08 The Rescue 1
2x09 The Rescue 2
2x10 The Romans 1
2x11 The Romans 2
2x12 The Romans 3
2x13 The Romans 4
2x14 The Web Planet 1
2x15 The Web Planet 2
2x16 The Web Planet 3
2x17 The Web Planet 4
2x18 The Web Planet 5
2x19 The Web Planet 6
2x20 The Crusade 1
2x21 The Crusade 2
2x22 The Crusade 3
2x23 The Crusade 4
2x24 The Space Museum 1
2x25 The Space Museum 2
2x26 The Space Museum 3
2x27 The Space Museum 4
2x28 The Chase 1
2x29 The Chase 2
2x30 The Chase 3
2x31 The Chase 4
2x32 The Chase 5
2x33 The Chase 6
2x34 The Time Meddler 1
2x35 The Time Meddler 2
2x36 The Time Meddler 3
2x37 The Time Meddler 4
3x01 - Galaxy 4 1
3x02 - Galaxy 4 2
3x03 - Galaxy 4 3
3x04 Galaxy 4 4_The Exploding Planet
3x05 Mission To The Unknown



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